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Saturday, June 27, 2009

nutty day in the office

Had to go in an hour early and left at 9pm, scheduling michael jackson videos basically for 12 hours.

watch fuse to get your dose of MJ. his videos are pretty freaking fantastic, as was he.

it hit me at 9pm when i finally stopped to watch a video (for "bad") and i saw him on the screen, singing and dancing...then i almost started crying. so tragic.

after my long day at work i went to cosi for dinner then to angels and kings for marisa's bday.

A glass fell and shattered and got me on the way down, of course. I didnt think anything of it until my leg felt wet and there was blood dripping down. I wiped it away but it didnt stop. My shoe is gross.

A worker came over with cleansing wipes, antibacterial cream, gauze and more random things. It stung so much.

...i guess it doesnt look that bad. but it was gross and it hurt.

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