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Friday, October 31, 2008


we are so insignificant.

nothing really matters.

the universe is huge.

why are we even here.

sometimes i get all existential.

but seriously. how do humans have so many emotions and how can things matter so much? everything is insignificant really. or it will be because we all die. and our life is so short, and we will be forgotten, so why do we even exist?

sometimes i think life is stupid and nothing really matters.

except it does.


billy elliot was really good.

i wish i could dance.

happy halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


my job rules so far. i can't believe its a job.

this is what im listening to. i got a copy today. i love her.

Tokio Hotel is playing tomorrow. but I'm going to see Billy Elliot on broadway instead. it was a tough choice.

Now playing: Pink - So What
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new job

i started a new job today.

at the meeting at the end of the day we got to eat chocolate and mike and ikes while coming up with a list of music videos for a program.

i think you can probably safely say that this job and i go hand in hand. candy and music.
That's me making cotton candy. this is not my new job. but i love cotton candy.

Monday, October 27, 2008


this is funny, and a bit awkward.

and i cant stop listening to this album.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I took a lot of pictures of this water bottle

Today I found the worlds largest bottle of seltzer water. The pictures dont do it justice. it's practically as big as my torso.

It takes two hands to drink.

It completely destroys your standard size water bottle.

And it's as big as penny.

It's full of delicious, non-caloric bubbles.

drum circle

theres a drum circle outside. they are burning sage and it stinks. im going.

i dont feel so excellent today.

i want to watch young at heart tonight.

its so beautiful out right now.

have a great day, please.

Friday, October 24, 2008

day of good deeds

today i met up with fin at mud and hung out for a while before he had to go home to russia. he painted his skateboard with the angels and airwaves logo. it was cute. he's so appreciative of that whole thing. im so happy i made him that stoked.

if you can make someone happy, do it.

then when we were sitting next to mud, i saw a couple walk by and the girl was wearing this shirt:

This was the shirt that Naomi found with the cell phone with the motley crue pictures at Fontana's a few days ago.

the couple walked by and i was so mad at myself for not stopping them to see if the knew the person who lost the phone. Then a few minutes later they walked past me again, coming the other way! So I stopped them and told them we found a cell phone with that shirt at a bar and told them about the motley crue pics and all that. They knew who's phone it was!!! the girl is on vacation now, but they took it to give back to her. I forgot her name, but it was so odd and awesome. they were stoked.

it was a funny day.

and i got to eat mamoun's. mmmm.

and i bought a new dress. and 2 pairs of tights. red and yellow. yay new clothes!

and i bought 5 movies today.

i think im going to watch charlie bartlett or young at heart soon. but i dont feel like crying, so probably charlie bartlett. or august rush.

i hate decisions.

but i love mandy moore. im listening to her now. she has a movie called dedication that i saw at blockbuster, but i didnt rent it because i usually only buy movies and i didnt see it for sale anywhere. i never heard of it, which is weird since i love mandy. but i'll watch it one day soon.

and high school musical 3 came out today. who wants to come with me?!?!?!
it looks so fun.

its freezing in my apartment.


oh my goodness!!!! my ears are SOOOOO loud right now.

i danced all night. i tried to make some friends dance. some did. some didnt. and lunged, thanks to naomi. fun fun fun.

its so cold. my ears are ringing ridiculous amounts.

im meeting up with fin tomorrow. look at earlier posts if you want the full story behind that.





Thursday, October 23, 2008

baby clothes

i don't have a baby. but i have penny. kab baby shirts rule.

erica and erin leave to go to san fran tonight. booo.

ok. going into manhattan. bye.



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Check it.

go to this. support KAB. click on the image to see it larger.

and go here:

birthdays and boobies

it was my birthday today. i do not like my birthday. i do not like too much attention from too many people. but i was surrounded by lovely ladies who i love. and we went to fontanas tonight for the first showing of erin caruso's photographs hosted by keep a breast. "Shot In The Pit" rules. so you should go when it hits a city near you.

sucky car service on the way there. creepy people at the bar/venue. yeah.

last night was fun, we went out to jenna's bar and she gave us lots of free goodies. i took two. timed right so i was ok. then we went to a show/party. that was fun. then i slept like a baby since i had gotten a total of about 30 minutes of sleep because we flew overnight from san diego to nyc that night/morning and i had meetings and stuff all morning.

tomorrow we go see good old war. and i need to get some pants hemmed. and return the motely cru phone to its rightful owner.

i have great girlfriends. i miss the ones who arent here. i love the ones who im surrounded by.

jesica found a disposable camera on the ground on 1st ave. it had instructions. we have to take 12 pictures of different things on he list, then drop the camera off to this cafe later this month. this was one of the pictures for a situation worth capturing:

Monday, October 20, 2008


the lovebug music video by jbros is out. and so good.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

death by...

Daniela Edburg did a photographic series called death by food. I wouldn't mind passing like that.

here are a bunch of em:

here are a few of my faves:

death by lifesavers

death by cotton candy

death by cake

death by bananas

swiv tackle circus

the tour is over. the kab party is over for guests - but not for erica and kimmy and a few friends. blasting music, dancing, flashing, hula-hoops. paaarrrrtttyyyy!

yo, im so tired.

we had to leave san fran at 5:55 am this morning and drove to san diego. We made it in record time too! 7 hours to huntington beach, then about one hour to oceanside. niiicceee.

and i got to wear my new dress :) i love it. i'll wear it everyday.



i watched empire records today. i love that too.

NEW YORK! I miss you. and i can't wait to be there.

Friday, October 17, 2008

ace and jocelyn

San Francisco!

The drive took 2 hours longer than it was supposed to. then i had to get on the BART to san fran from berkeley to have dinner with Antonietta. It was fantastic to see her. Then I took the BART back to north berkeley. now it's 11:36 and past my bedtime because I need to be up at 6 am because of stupid parking for the RV at UC Berkeley.

Tomorrow is the last day of tour! yay! This one was exhausting as heck. Maybe because I actually did stuff. My legs have so many bruises.



Thursday, October 16, 2008


Cool runnings is on tv.

i just spent 36 dollars on a cab to get from downtown santa barbara to my hotel because i couldnt take any more techno music and bars.

but on our way over to dinner before the bars we were driving on the 101 and we passed this sign:
it was so random.

i got really excited.

i'm so glad i was looking out the window.

it felt like a celebrity spotting.

cool runnings is so good.

tomorrow is a driving day. then last day. then kab party. then home to ny. then drug tests. then kab show at fontanas. then fuse.

too busy.

back to cool runnings.

Monday, October 13, 2008

hello, my name is lisa...


my name is lisa,

and i'm a compulsive shopper.

on the plus side, i have a lot of cute new clothes!

i like to make formulas on excel spreadsheets.
i had to make some for my merch sheet.
in the hot pink RV that one of the rad roxy girls, ashley drives. its 32 feet. you don't need a special license. i want to try. but we're promoting health. me driving that thing would probably kill everyone. i'll try it in the parking lot.

this is how flip flops are made:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my life from oct 9-17

that's my life from oct 9-17th.

be a part of it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

busy as heck

holy cow you guys. i'm so busy here in california tour managing, working things out, and helping erica and shaney jo out with keep a breast. it's super fun, but my body and mind are tired. i get to sleep in tomorrow. yaaay!

tour managing is fun. can be stressful when you think you've lost the bag with hundreds of dollars in it, but its fun. people ask me what to do and take my instructions and come to me with problems which i am able to solve. its fun say something and see it get done.

i'm going to become power hungry. watch out world, i'm taking over.

its late and im so tired from all this work. fun fun fun work, but work.

yeahhh. ok. night.

i hope you are all doing fantastic, seriously. i hope everyone reading this had something really good happen to them lately, had a good talk, had a fun day, got a nice compliment...whatever. smile. you should smile more often.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


we went to see margot (sp?) and the nuclear so and so's tonight. they were good, but i was too tired to truly enjoy it. the 1st band called judgment day were AMAZING. it was a drum kit, a cello and a violin. no vocals. just talent and intensity.

the KAB tour kicks off tomorrow. gotta get up soon to start tour managing that. i need to make a day sheet.

i miss new york. i love new york city so much. sometimes its hard for me to understand how people live without living in mahattan (or brooklyn i guess...).

tour. ny. new job for a few months. so stoked on that.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


chocolate ice cream
cookie dough
roasted almonds
waffle cone

sometimes you just have to go for it.

Monday, October 6, 2008


penguin waffle maker.


i went to the beach today.



im in san diego with erica. we took the train to LA yesterday. there was a man eating candy diagonal me. I commented how i love candy. especially fruity chewey candy. he heard me. he gave me a box of jujubees. i also said i didn't like how he ate candy. i really hope he didnt hear that part. he was a nice man. then he took my box and threw it out when the candy was finished.

today on our drive downtown i initiated a mike & ikes color war. red wins. orange loses. red destroyed all the other colors in the battles. it even destroyed itself. orange couldn't stand up to anything.

dashboard confessional are good live.

saw so many people last night in LA.

ok. bye.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ny to sd

tomorrow i go from (approximately) point A to point A2 to point B.

I will be in San Diego hanging with Erica for a few days, then I do a mini college tour in cali for Keep A Breast, then Oct 19th Erica and I return to point A.

These are the tour stops:

Day 1: Thursday, Oct 9-UCSD
– Day 2: Friday, Oct 10 –EVENT IN OCEANSIDE
– Day 3: Saturday, Oct 11 -Event in VENICE BEACH
– Day 4: Sunday, Oct 12 -LA-EVENT
– Day 5: Monday, Oct 13 -USC
– Day 6: Tuesday, Oct 14 -UC IRVINE
– Day 7: Wednesday, Oct 15 -UC SANTA BARBARA
– Day 9: Friday, Oct 17 -UC Berkley

Antonietta in San Fran....YAY!

ok, finishing laundry. I washed penny for the first time. now he's tumbling around in the dryer. i hope he's ok. I can't believe i've never washed him. he's been through a lot. ugh so gross.

oh yeah!

yesterday i went to lunch with my fam at Asiate, and chris rock was at the table behind us.

that was fun.

whoaaaa! dream big.

i LOVE thunder and lightning and rain (when im inside). It just started pouring, and it sounds so wonderful. I love the sound of the fast rain drops hitting the metal of my air conditioning. it sounds almost like a steel drum or something.

and i like the noise so much that it stops my thoughts from taking over my being.