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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

john stamos and rock of ages

I went to see Rock of Ages tonight with Ko and some work peeps, and it was AWESOME!!! i loved it! so much fun.

before the play we were sitting and i recognize this guy sitting diagonal from us as the supporting actor in West Side Story which I saw on Thursday. I still had my playbill from that in my bag so i referenced it and confirmed it. after the show i told him he did a great job in West Side Story.

Also before the play starts, ko and i are flipping through the playbill and she points out that John Stamos is goign to be in Bye Bye Birdie. we proceed to discuss how he is one of those guys, much like George Clooney, who are gorgeous and age beautifully. 10 minutes later he walks in and sits next to us. (well, across. we were on the aisle and he was across the aisle.) we were cracking up! what are the freaking chances?!?!

And it is confirmed. he is gorgeous. :D

sooo that was really fun!

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