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Friday, July 31, 2009

Weirdest day of my life. read the last part if anything.

today started off sloppy because I was so tired after the rx bandits show last night. I get to work and prepare everything for our video screening meeting, except there is no picture on the tv. things were unplugged, wires were out...whoever used it last sucks. nobody could get it to work, so we had to watch them in my bosses office.


(this image is extremely exaggerated)

this was after many confusing emails in my inbox.

then these new segments i have to program were the most confusing things to figure out, so those made my head spin.

imgres.jpgthen i packed up the dresses i bought online to return them, and brought them down to the mailroom so UPS could pick it up. an hour later i realize i packed a top in there that I was supposed to exchange at jcpenney, with the receipt too! sooooo that company is getting their 2 dresses back, plus my top :(

i left work early to go to a tailor to get this dress i bought at a sample sale taken in. Sarah's friend recommended this chinese woman, Linda, so i went to her. the directions were to walk down the street until i saw a green railing, walk in past all the pashmina scarves, stay to the left, and Linda will be all the way in the back.

I found her because she had a tape measure around her neck. she hardly spoke english. we'll see how that dress comes out.

then i met up with marisa at bloomingdales, and on the way i stepped in a puddle deeper than my rainboot, soooooo that sucked.

imgres.jpgwe went to eat at 'witch craft which is in her gym, and Claire Danes walked in. We confused her with Gweneth Paltrow.


then we went to what we though was going to be an awesome dance performance at PS122 called "Why Won't You Let Me Be Great" where choreographers interpret songs off Kanye's 808s album and dance to them. Marisa thought it was going to be kids dancing. WRONG! so so so so WRONG. it was the most disturbing thing I've ever experienced. Here's the worst of what we saw in a nutshell:

a woman undressing herself , peeing in a plastic cup, rubbing granola all over her naked privates, then pouring the pee over her head.


here's the article MTV wrote about what I saw, except Kanye himself was there watching it all the night before I went.

omg. today started weird, and ended at the most extreme form of weirdness/disturbance i've ever experienced.

now im watching the spanish ugly betty. i don't even speak spanish. i don't know what to do with myself.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

pay no attention to this

ignore this. just needed a place to store this image.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

green day are incredible

pic from

I went to see Green Day tonight at Madison Square Garden, was surprised with tickets at work today. Soooo stoked about it!

The show was amazing. they played for almost 3 hours. I didnt get out of there until midnight, and they started playing at about 9:10. thats INSANE! and it was super high energy the whole time.

Billie Joe is a perfect front man. even though it was a big arena, he made it feel so personal. They picked people from the crowd to come up on stage to start a band at one point. The little kid that was playing bass was a rockstar! He was running around the stage, playing perfectly, jumping, and at the end he grabbed the mic and shouted "THANK YOU MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!" , so mike dirnt gave him his bass guitar!!!

And the girl Billie Joe chose to come up and play guitar grabbed his face when she got on stage and pretty much made out with him for about 7 seconds. she has balls!

it was a perfect show. I love green day. i would like to meet them and thank them.

thank you billie, mike and tre.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

say anything

Just watched Say Anything for the first time. i loved it! why haven't i seen this sooner?

and what a great tattoo it would be to have an outline or stencil of him holding the stereo on my upper ribs. thats what i would get if i got tattoos.

so cute.

fingers crossed i get to see green day tomorrow...if not its katy perry and/or taylor momseens (?) bday party thing.

time for bed.

i wish they chose a better name than Lloyd.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm on vacation

I'm in Pompano Beach on vacation right now. I've been bad at updating.

Yesterday I dove into the pool, even though it said no diving. I hit the bottom with my chest/ribs and arm, and now they're both scratched.

we layed on the beach and went to the pool, it was fantastic.

today we're going to warped tour in West Palm Beach, and I'm not gunna lie, I don't want to go! I want to stay here.

this is the view from our apartment.

good morning!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katie and Nat from 3oh!3 on fuse!

green day likes full house

3 minutes in, the breakdown in "21 Guns" sounds like the Full House theme song...

this seems appropriate

no, i didnt make it. i wish i was that talented. not a creep, i promise.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Travis playing drums in the air!

Monday, July 20, 2009

this is funny.

ive been so busy and not blogging!

I'm going to Hawaii in August with Erica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

time warp wives

time warp wives

These women actually pretend they live in the decade of their choice. they interact as little as possible with the modern day world and people.

odd. but kind of cool. but also not. how can you isolate yourself so much and not have kids because the modern day world is so horrible and they might be offered drugs? wake up call. the 1950's was cute on tv, but not so free of violence in real life. you have to know that.

...totally unrelated, last night KATIE came into the city and we hung out! and Sean too. we're going to be dance class buddies.


We went to union square and a guy, probably on drugs, dressed up in a superman costume climbed the horse statue in the square and actually got on the horse and started yelling stupid obnoxious things. He kept pretending like he was going to jump because people were chanting for him to jump. he didnt jump. he was crazy. I can't believe he didnt get arrested.

i love ny.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

movies and beaches

netflix is my new favorite thing. i've been watching 30 Rock on instant queue and we watched Phoebe In Wonderland tonight, which was...different. i didn't dislike it. it was just odd.

also, today I went to Brighton Beach with Laura and her friends. It was so nice. A lot nicer than I ever expected. Im going to go back.

unrelated, today I found out terrible news that I have no control over and its scary. feeling helpless in every way. I want to send something, but I'm not sure if that would help or make things worse.

Get Better.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

what in the heck?

....i cant decide how i feel about that other than weirdest commercial ever!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dance, Wash, Drink Seltzer, Eat Donuts, Sleep on MSG.

lets do the fork in the garbage disposal! Ting ting ting tititititing ting!

I went into LUSH today and bought a hair conditioning mask with henna in it, shower bomb that you put in your shower and it makes it smell delicious. Then i bought sea salt face scrub (sooo amazing), and i got a free sugar scrub dude and some free samples of face lotion and hair gel. and i made best friends with the girl that worked there, Selena. she was awesome! We talked for like 10 minutes after she rang me up. we even talked about Mandy Moore.

My skin is so soft and hair smells and feels so good. go to LUSH. they'll tell you what you need.

I swallowed my mouthwash tonight. i hope i dont die.

also, fun experiment:
when you open a bottle of seltzer, put your mouth on it like your drinking, but dont drink. just seal the top with your lips. it'll fill your mouth up with carbonation and its like your mouth is going to blow up! Then sometimes it comes out your nose and it hurts.

another thing. 16 of these will become these in NYC this week. I don't think I like that. Tim Hortons are for when I go on tour, not for where I live.

and last but not least, this:

David Arquette is going to sleep in a box (above MSG) to raise money for hungry

This is going to happen on Tues and Wed I believe. I can look out my windows at work and take pics and tweet them to you all!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

michael jackson memorial tribute

I watched the memorial at work today and I felt like i was the only one who was really watching it and wanting to see it. Everyone else had it on, but weren't really paying attention. Amused by things people said that were heartfelt, not funny. I teared up in the beginning and fought tears the entire way through the memorial. Brooke Shields speech was great. Jermaine singing "Smile" was so touching. But I lost it when Paris took the mic at the end to tell the world she had the greatest father in the world and loved him so much. Since I was in my cubicle I had to bite on my hoodie to keep from bawling. I teared up, blew my nose, and took a lot of deep breathes to compose myself.

This one man had so much power and influence. He united so many people in so many ways. It's so much more than music. He's incredible and it took me, and probably hundreds of thousands of other people, up until the past week and especially today to realize just how important he was. And beyond his limitless pseudo celebrity status, we learned just how limited his personal life was. How closed off from the "real world" he was.

I would hang out with kids too if I were him. Kids don't care how famous you are, they don't think of you differently because you are the greatest entertainer in the world. They hang out with you because you're fun and they enjoy your company. no ulterior motives. they're not going to blog about how cool they are and they're not going to call tmz to dish all the inside scoop of your hang out session. They're going to laugh and talk and treat you like a person. They're not going to put you on a pedestal and shake in your presence.

kids rule.

and he never got to be one.

I can't imagine loosing a family member. My heart would shatter into five million pieces and i'd feel incredibly empty. i don't say it enough...or ever...but i love my family. a lot.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

and thank you.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

this is how you all should order food

fast food order in the form of a folk song:

goodness i miss this show

double dare. i looove the physical challanges, especially when they have to find the flag in the ice cream sunday pool.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

love our boobies!

watch these. they rule. and they're extremely important. thanks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ontd gifs rule

i love ontd for thier gifs.

also for the kevin jonas engagement post. the comments are HILARIOUS!

gwen and kingston are identical.

Kingston looks exactly like gwen did when she was a lil one. wow!