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Saturday, May 31, 2008


purple won in my pick a color poll. nobody picked black.

congratulations, purple.

Missy Higgins

thanks to pandora, I am now a fan of Missy Higgins.
I really like her.

Also today, I've been watching Katy Perry acoustic videos on repeat.

and i took the longest shower in the world. it was amazing.

and i officially do not live in new york city anymore :(

...dear rain,
please stop. I just blow dried my hair and I need to go out for dom's birthday. You are getting very angry with all this lightning and thunder and wind. My hair can't handle it, nor can my shoes. so please please please please stop soon.

jake and amir

Allison got me obsessed with Jake and Amir.

I saw Amir on the street yesterday and wanted to talk to him but he was on the phone. lameeee.

Date Part II from Amir on Vimeo.

I got through them alllll

Thursday, May 29, 2008

splash chair

i want it.


...some people just have it!

Shoe Tie Trick - The funniest movie is here. Find it


my little bro had prom today. I want to see his pics. here are mine from when I went to prom:

I've been moving stuff out of the city, so i've been in Harrison, hence why there weren't any recent entries, my apologies.

tonight was fun - nylon tour, minus being surrounded my models, and minus the hour it took to find a parking spot. im not even exaggerating. one hour. ok, like 45 minutes - an hour.

Monday, May 26, 2008

largest self portrait in the world

This is the biggest drawing in the world. A guy put a gps in a suitcase and gave dhl super specific instructions over the course of 55 days and tracked its progress on his computer. He made a self portrait that spans the world.

mini golf and lacrosse

today there was a bbq at my house. andrea cooked. he's a chef and he lives in italy. he's home for the summer. he's my big brother.

laura and i brushed up on our lacrosse skills.

we all went mini golfing...

...and went for ice cream...

...and played apples to apples.

it was a good, busy day.

I'm in the midst of creating a muxtape. I don't really understand this that much, but i'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

"with BACON!"

sooooo nasty.

and just to clear up any possible confusion... that's not me. it will never be me. i hate bacon.

magnetic fishing

I don't know who this baby is, but tonight was my last night babysitting bennett and sophie :( . I bought some paper clips and magnet strips, we cut fishes out of paper and attached the paper clips, tied some dental floss to pencils and tied the magnets to the end of it, threw the fish in the (empty) bathtub and went fishing.

This is how I've spend my Saturday nights pretty much all year.

They also drew me a bunch of pictures to hang on my bus when I go on tour.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I have been shopping and spending money like I actually have some coming in. The past 2 days I've spent far too much money. But hey, I have really cute clothes! I got shoes, 2 dresses, flip flops, tons of awesome leggings, new bras (yay!), a lot of stuff to put in your shoes so they dont hurt you, a skirt....probably more.

yeahhhhhh. i should probably earn some money.....

street cleaning

i hate street cleaning days.

i had to wake up early to sit in my car for an hour and a half and then move it back to its parking spot.

but i did go to mud to get coffee after, and the new guy is cuuuuutttttteeeee!
and i saw my hopscotch cafe hottie the other day on 14th street.
coffee boys are fine ;)

maybe its time to rethink that whole architect thing...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

scrabble furniture

i love scrabble. and i love furniture. i really love scrabble furniture.

Philly, Boston, DC, NYC and Toronto for $1!!!

That bus has trips to nyc, dc, philly, boston, and starting soon...toronto, for $1!!! You have to book in advance though, the tickets get more expensive as the spots get filled up, so if you know a few weeks ahead of time, or a few days, you can get tickets for reaaaallll cheap.

AND the bus has outlets and free wifi!

let's get traveling!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i want this fireplace coffee table.

family feet

I like this family portrait.

wedding cookies

Johns getting married, so marisa and I are sending him cookies. So i decorated the boxes. the words are backwards. im so happy for him, yay!

hell yeah

I got a silpat today. Finally. I've wanted one for a very long time. Its everything I thought it would be and more. no sticking at all. so easy to clean. doesnt stay hot.

downside: baking cookies means eating cookies.

my package came today FINALLY! So many goodies in there. i love job perks.
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amateur romance

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Check this drawer cube out!

i like it.

If I had a lot of money, I'd spend it all on furniture. and art.

art or furniture?

This would be excellent to have in a nyc apartment to save space. But it doesn't really look nice as living room furniture. I'll look into it.

Also, this bookcase bed. It's not very pretty, but if you're working with limited space and like to have guests over, it's pretty ingenious.

emergency party button

What happens when you press the red button?

I want one.

i dont like eggs

I dont like eggs, but some of you do. I think you'll like this instructional video if you enjoy hard boiled eggs. Just please don't eat them around me.

I am a posting machine tonight.

Monday, May 19, 2008


So here's a bedroom. where do you plug things in? can't you get electrocuted and die from this room?

I dont think I like this room. I appreciate that its unique though.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

things that make me uncomfortable

a lot of things make me uncomfortable. they make me anxious and very uneasy so they either need to be hidden, changed, or just not exist. here are some things I can't deal with:

volumes set to an odd number. don't do it around me.

3 pronged forks. that's not ok. Julia had to hide them from me in a restaurant once because I basically freaked out. I ate my whole meal with a spoon.

Bills that don't all face the same way in a stack of money. Just make it look nice, please. This might come from working in a bank.

So I have some ocd moments. a lot of ocd moments.

how did your day start out?

Todays stupid lisa moment:

I packed up books and put a bunch of them in a paper grocery bag. I parked in front of my apartment, picked up the bag by the handle, the handles broke, the bag of books landed in a deep, dirty puddle of water near my car and soaked the bottom of my pants and my flats. There was like one puddle on my whole street. stupid.

Andreas coming back from Italy tomorrow until September. That's fun.

We're going apartment shopping on Tuesday. STOKED. so many appointments.

i like big things

...that's what she said.

a 17 inch pen. there was a 17 inch horse at the natural museum of history today. smallest horse in the world. fact.

a giant anglepoise light.

very large cup hiding places/bins/stools.

things to put on

you know, to keep your face warm in case you don't have a beard...

this one just does it better.

a body sleeping bag, because real sleeping bags don' t look cool.

dance partner shoes. a-freakin-dorable.