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Friday, October 30, 2009

meme halloween!

internet halloween party!!!

I'm FIRST! comment, Jessica is keyboard cat!

Allison is pancake bunny! she's so cute.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

do the stanky legg

so funny.

Friday, October 23, 2009

wear earplugs

WEAR EARPLUGS every time you go to a concert and be careful in recording studios.

My tinnitus gets so bad sometimes i can't even handle it. it drives me absolutely nuts. tonight to the point of tears.

I always research it, hoping somebody found a way to cure it. there's nothing. the cells in my inner ear got destroyed and i can't get them back.


"Inner Ear: This is usually the site of most cases of persistent tinnitus. The delicate nerve endings (hair cells) that detect the vibrations of sound in the fluid of the inner ear are readily injured or destroyed by insults such as loud noise, blows to the hear, certain viral infections, certain medicines, such as aspirin) and once they are lost they are not replaced. Over a person’s lifetime, the gradual destruction of these fragile cells leads to a progressive hearing loss with age (presbycusis) that is frequently accompanied by tinnitus. It seems that the decreased input from the sensory cell allows the nerve activity to be unregulated, and the brain interprets this as a sound. This is the tinnitus that the patient perceives. It is the inner ear tinnitus that is so hard to treat because we cannot restore the missing hair cells. The only way this will be fully cured is to regenerate these cells with stem cell treatment.

Nevertheless, anything and everything has been tried, but there is NO treatment that is truly successful. Lidocaine might temporarily reduce tinnitus though its reduction of nerve activity, but it has to be given intravenously. Lipoflavinoids have been touted as helpful, but are scientifically unproven. Melatonin has also been touted as being helpful. The main problem with tinnitus is that its constant presence emotionally upsets the patient and forces the sufferer to concentrate on the sound itself, thus making it seem louder and louder. This is the same thing that happens with pain, and tinnitus can be rightfully considered a kind of pain. Methods of reducing the brain’s focus on the sound are therefore helpful: biofeedback, anxiety reducing drugs, yoga and meditation. While they don’t eliminate the tinnitus, these techniques make it less bothersome so that the suffering is reduced. Another helpful treatment is to give an external sound in the ear to “mask” the tinnitus. This can be in the form of a noise machine, the “white noise” static from a radio, or even a fan. There are tinnitus maskers available as well that are placed in the ear and look like a hearing aid. Tinnitus Retraining Centers have also appeared in various areas and rely on retraining the patients' brains so they treat tinnitus similar to the way they treat the sound of a refrigerator in their kitchen, which they are normally not aware of, and when they do hear the sound, it is not bothersome. The method retrains reflexes involving connections of the auditory with the limbic and autonomic nervous systems, and retrains the subconscious part of the auditory pathway to block the tinnitus signal. TRT always consists of two components: intensive one-on-one directive counseling, and sound therapy, most frequently with the use of sound generators (which emit low level of broad-band noise), following a specific habituation protocol. Tinnitus should never be masked in TRT, because one can never habituate signal one cannot detect."

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i need to hang out with people like this.


it was my birthday. this was my cake. we went bowling for a work thing, unrelated to my birthday, it was awesome.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

birthday hangs

so sweet, he came over to wish me happy birthday last night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i went to my first hockey game today

I went to my first hockey game today. Rangers at MSG. They lost. I dont remember who they were playing. i feel so bad for the goalies when the other team scores.

Sat in a 200 section, im one section closer to accomplishing my goal of sitting in every single section in msg.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

i like new things. a lot.

today was great. had brunch at lil frankies with ko and laura. then visited veronica at her gallery, which ruled. then went shopping.

I got this really neat necklace. its long and gold and has 3 gold paper airplanes on it! i love it.

Then I got this super cute owl dress:

Then Ko and I went to make our own perfumes at this place located at 21 E. 7th street. Don't know what its called. New York Fragrance maybe? I don't know, but the girl was amazing! You told her what you like and she pulled all these scents and mixes them together to give you exactly what you want, then you name it!

I was feeling really under pressure to name it and I couldn't think of anything, so i just called it "I Smell Good" and im really upset by that now. i could have thought of something way better. Ko named hers after a song, "Blow Away" or something really cute like that.

Then I got a cork board to put my longer necklaces on. I covered it with this cool tissue paper I had and hung it on my wall:

gooooood day!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

brooklyn bridge walk

today veronica and i walked the brooklyn bridge from our apartment. it was very nice. but too crowded. its a beautiful bridge.


Laura's birthday party tonight was also a disco. with lasers and a disco ball and everything. we danced a lot. then a real band started playing and killed the disco dancing good times.

i learned i LOVE disco dancing tonight! goin back there for sure.

who's coming?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this used to be a funhouse...

Went to Pink's Funhouse tour tonight....HOLY SMOKES!!! she was absolutely amazing. The production was freaking fantastic, and her her voice!

the ending was beautiful, with the glitter and the water. so good.

I went with Tara and we were very very very close. We were on the floor in the seats, and she had a catwalk thing going on, so when she sang at the end of that she was basically right in front of us.

I want to sit in every section at MSG. starting a bucket list.

Pink rules.

Monday, October 5, 2009


This guy calms me down and relaxes me so much. His voice and his music are extremely comforting to me and I can't get enough of it.

keep playin bud. can't wait for battle studies. thank you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

say anything

surprise say anything concert tonight! it was super small, invite only in the studio at webster hall.

their new haircuts look soooo cute! holy cow! Alex T. Kent was my favorite.

Also, I submitted questions for Steven to ask John Mayer when he interviews him on Friday. I'll be super excited if he answers something I asked.

So at the Say Anything show, this weirdo older guy comes up to me and Allison and says he works there, and he'd give us 2 drink tickets each if he laid down on his stomach and we stood on his back for the set!!!! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!! it was so creepy and weird.