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Monday, June 15, 2009

new york city has so much to do in one little day.

Tonight I went with Matt to see Twelfth Night at Delacorte Theater in Central Park -

Starring this lady:

and it was really good! It was so funny. but really cold.

Earlier Allison and I went to play Seek N Spell at pier 44. We were given IPhones with the app on it, and we were put against 2 other people/teams so it was 3 teams per game. Then a gps map of where we were loads, and we are all different colored dots on the map running after letters that drop down. We see the letters on the map and run to them and they get put in our letter bank. Gold letters were double word scores. We had to make as many words and get as many letters and points as we were able to in 6 (or 10 sometimes) minutes.

Allison and I won the first game, tied 2nd game, and came in 2nd third game. It was sooooo fun!!!

I love Come Out and Play.

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