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Sunday, August 31, 2008

i want to go...

i'm going next. who wants to come?

aw :(

I found that picture today on the internet.


For those of you who miss my face and voice, which is probably everybody.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Super Tower

So they are wanting to build this gargantuan tower in London by or in 2016. I'm not sure. But I can't imagine anything like this actually existing. It will be pretty much its own city, it will house 100,000 people, it has its own fire dept, market, school, and other things like ice skating rinks, movie theaters, botanical garden etc. The middle of the tower is open, but every 20 stories there is a floor that runs across that acts as the little plaza or center for each "village".

This is what its supposed to look can find out more about it here:

Lasse Gjertsen

This kid is amazing. I posted a beat boxing thing he did a while ago. You should youtube him. He doesn't play drums or keyboard, or beat box. He just is an amazing editor, and composer apparently. You should hire him to do a music video, I'm sure he'd come up with something awesome.

I want to sit here.

Turns out those men were the gardeners.

I want to sit here. 3 aluminum benches all melded together. I love this thing. I want it. It's by an artist named Pablo Reinoso.
Check out his other stuff. It's equally fantastic.


There are 3 men sitting on my patio eating lunch. I do not know who they are. It's making me nervous.

the other day when I came home a huge tree branch had fallen in my yard. The next morning it was gone.

Then another morning when I woke up, one of our cars that had been gone was magically back, but I don't know where the keys are.

Who are these men in my yard?!

Friday, August 29, 2008

save the world

Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo.

my head!

i practiced my drums today and now i have a big headache.

wave chaise

by roberta ramme.

i need to get into furniture design. or hang out with someone who can make me cool things.


I can't find my white watch anywhere. That stinks. i LOVED that watch. Where the heck did I put it?

anyway, whatever.

I love pear juice (succo di pera). My favorite is Yoga. They have it everywhere in Italy. Maybe all over Europe. But I can get it in my town since it's highly populated with Italian Deli's. Lucky me.

Pear is one of my favorite flavors.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Ampersand is a weird word, especially for such a simple symbol.

I like the word, I just wish it meant or stood for something else. I don't think it fits.

My 10th grade English teacher, Mr. Dearstyne, always said all words are arbitrary anyway.

I just realized that is a silly thing for an English teacher to say.

He ruled though. He used to roll around in his chair and pretend it was a boat or something. I liked him.


i miss the chorus of people repeating that in their own special ways every time i got a text this summer.

Monday, August 25, 2008

magic carpet

I want that pink thing in my house.

my kind of clock

This clock dispenses chocolate every hour. My birthday is october 21st. just saying.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

cool table

this is a cool table. i didnt realize it was a table at first.

spin the bottle

I found my mom's old yearbooks from the 60's and her old albums from her 20's. There was a picture of her friends all sitting in a circle playing spin the bottle.


my grandpa on her side was a stud in his little army photo. and my father was so good looking. Not that he's not anymore, but he was so cute. My aunt looks completely different. I really liked looking through that.

some things i love

Karim Rashid


New York City


Zucchini and Squash


Saturday, August 23, 2008

i need a bike

so i can learn to do this:

I got bored after 3 minutes, but its pretty amazing stuff.

Holy cow, i've been so bored lately. and i'm just going to keep getting more bored until sept 1. i need to do something.

...and i still havent unpacked.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

too close for comfort

i went to the city today to hang with matt. he rules. then we picked ko up after work. then we got mud. then we met up with laura for indian food. then i went back to grand central and took the train home.

on the train, a rather large and perhaps drunk man took a seat next to me. he had candy. he opened his kit-kats first and offered me one. i said no thank you. then he pulls out a green popsicle and eats that. he didn't smell very good. luckily, i was reading the L magazine and listening to 3oh!3, so it was easy to ignore him and not come off as rude. throughout the ride he kept taking up more space. It got to the point where i had my arms as close to my body as i was able to hold them, pressed up against the wall of the train, and his heavy arm was still slightly resting on me. It made me VERY uncomfortable. He got off before i did, so i had a 3 train stops to recover. then i walked home because paolo wasn't around to pick me up. it was dark out. but i love walking. the stars are wonderful.

I got a cool watch today.

it's 2:10 am. Paolo is still up watching television. We watched a little of the speed-walking, which is quite an awkward event. a little volleyball. then i made him put it on jon and kate plus 8. i think aidan is my favorite kid. i love them . we also watched some of who's line is it anyway. paolo is a bit of a channel surfer.

i'm taking him shopping tomorrow for dorm stuff. he hasnt even begun packing or contacting his roommates yet. i feel kind of bad that my parents arent here to help him a little. he doesnt really need help, he's always been independent. but i just feel a little bad. and i do not want to drive to union square to move him in. that's going to be a nightmare. I'll see if my uncle can drive instead. my parents should be moving him in, not me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so i walk into my garage...

I walked into my garage today, and i see this in there:

I played with those buttons. They turn on the windshield wipers and the lights. I probably should't play with this car.

ummm, ok? parloo said vinny just gave it to us. Grace Kelly and some Princess supposedly rode in this car. There was a news article with pictures and everything. Vinny is the guy who is passing the bakery onto me.

The car is cute. but random. i want to drive it. but i dont think i should. the trunk is in the front and the engine is in the back. the seats are wicker.

I also walked into the tv room this evening and found some new paintings hanging on the walls. I love that my parents are so into art and have been buying a lot of new stuff lately. My house has always been full of paintings, but they are usually landscape type paintings of italy or of women or something, done very classically. The new stuff they've been buying has been more modern, and i love it so much. Sometimes I just walk around my house like its a museum. It kind of is.

I said hi to gma today. Her string beans were so good.

Going to nyc tomorrow. going to hang with laura, matt and ko, and get me some mud coffee. stoked.

4:33 am. go to bed.


oh, i also went grocery shopping today. why cant i have catering always? i dont want to take care of myself.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


thanks to dougie for voting in my poll. i suggest you all follow suit and vote before the poll closes. 

Warped Tour is over. It started out kind of terrible, but ended kind of ok. I made some fantastic new friends. 

The guy on the plane who sat next to me spoke a lot. but he works in music and said he might be able to get me a temp job in nyc while i'm looking for other stuff. sweet. 

i ate candy on the flight home. 

last night after the tour, erin, erica, jes and i piled into jeneathas car with all of our luggage. jeneatha drove. it was like playing tetris trying to fit everything and everyone in. it was funny. 

we woke up and went for breakfast. my shuttle driver kept calling me and harassing me because he showed up 20 minutes early. i made him wait. i felt kind of bad, but it's his fault he was early. and we all made our flights, even though I kind of wish i missed mine and had to stay in LA for a day or two longer. 

i dont want to unpack or shower or do laundry. i have to at least shower tonight. 

there is no food in my house. im excited to go to my gmas and eat her veggies from her garden. 

and i want to go to nyc to see matts apt and hang out. 

ok. bye. 

Friday, August 15, 2008


im in mountainview. home of google. they supply the city with free wifi. that is how i am writing this.

i was just saying last night how i would LOVE to work at google. and today we're across the street from it. weird.

Andrew, my old RA, works at google in nyc.

i need a job.

ok, dinner.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


Today Sean's grandparents gave him strawberry filled oreos. I don't really like oreos, and I don't like strawberry flavored soft things. So I thought they'd be gross. But I like cookies and candy and sweet stuff, so I had one....then I had like 9 more. then I had other strawberry filled things that were NOT good.
Then I ate dinner but I was really full so I felt like throwing up but I didnt.

Jaron is eating dinner now.

I'm going to watch SHANE WEST play with the germs in 23 minutes.

I got a new dress two days ago in San Francisco and i love it. Here is part of it.

ok I love you.

and I'm moving to brooklyn on sept 1, dont know if I mentioned that.

Monday, August 11, 2008


sometimes i have too much sugar. the other day i had too much and had a megaphone and sang at warped tour. the worst part was when i went to the gym class heroes signing at the myspace tent and sang their songs next to them. the fans didnt like it. i think the band did. i got a thumbs up.

then i did a private concert in the myspace tent. people watched and clapped.

i'm trying to quit candy.

i had a rocky road trip ice cream today at coldstone. it was delicious.

its hot.