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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

choco popcorn

cocoa covered popcorn is delicious.

6 servings in one sitting makes my tummy ache.

why don't i have self control?


im going to union hall to play bocci with laura.



i waterproofed my new really cute leather boots last night, and now they got darkened. So they're brown instead of a dark tan/light brown. but thats ok.

i listened to the new bayside last night. thumbs up.

i need to pack for cali.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

wax bill

bill from tokio hotel is now a wax figure.

also, i got offered a temporary job today lasting from when i get back from tour until the new year. sweeetttt. then maybe i can still do taste of chaos if i can get on that. im not done with touring quite yet i dont think.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

fact: i got season 4.

My collection is up to date. i love this show.

i cleaned the clutter out of my room and put it under my bed. in organized boxes, of course. i still need a bookshelf, or to put my shelves up.

the rain is over i think. tomorrow will be nice. i can wear my hair down and take the 234802340239 pins i have in it out. hurray!

i need to go shower and straighten my hair.


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come on now.

I can't sleep. the past few nights have been terrible sleepwise. I went to bed before midnight tonight, exhausted. its 1:21 and I'm wide awake. my mind was racing 10 million miles an hour tonight. I have a lot of different things on my mind.

all i want to do is sleep. im never going to fall asleep. im going to be exhausted the rest of my life.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

lobster baby.

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new poll

new poll.

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purple and poll

i got a purple skirt today.

also - the poll results.
ice cream is the best. i had tasti-d's tonight with marisa. chocolate vanilla swirl in a cup with rainbow sprinkles. delicious.

but i do not approve of the new cup design.

Friday, September 26, 2008


i want to invent a mixing bowl with a lid that is an electric mixer. Like a salad spinner type thing. so when you put your ingredients in the bowl, you snap on the lid and press a button and the mixer starts. Then the flour and baking soda and sugar won't fly out all over your clothes and face and hair and floor.

no thank you

rain in the city?

no thanks.

go away.



Thursday, September 25, 2008


sometimes the q stinks at night.

holy cow it took forever to get home tonight!

i visited some friends at the street dogs show, then the circa show.

circa was so good.

now im eating kix because i got so hungry. then i need to brush my teeth.

tomorrow the office premieres! and ugly betty. heck yea.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bower. or shath.

Shower? no. Bath.

its both. just rotate it to get what you want.


by ron arad. its called rotator.


Giraffe test

The Giraffe test.

I got one answer correct.

i love the genius playlist on the new itunes.

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i kissed a girl...


in other news -
i worked this red carpet event thing tonight, got paid, and got to drink some champagne and eat truffles. mmmm. Paige from extreme makeover home edition was the highlight of that.

and i saw jon cheese on the street today. that was fun.

i need to put my shelves up, there is too much stuff on my floor.

i bought 3 books the other day. i need a bookshelf.

somebody threw up on the subway today, in the car i was in. they stopped the train for a few minutes to clean it up. we all had to leave that car. a couple unsuspecting travelers stepped in it when we got to new stops before it was cleaned up.
dont drink that much if you can't handle it. not cool.

i got a fantastic IM today from somebody, so that was exciting. something good might happen soon. we'll see. more on that later. or never. depends.

im really bummed on something. cant stop thinking about it. but i need to.

i really like jbros.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

dinkin flicka

im nauseous.

everytime i say that or feel that, i think of filbert from rocko's modern life. i can't find a clip of him saying "im nauseous". 10 points to whoever can.

ninja restaurant

Tonight Lycia, Jes and I went to the Ninja Restaurant. I screamed a lot. We took the dangerous Ninja path into the seating area. Jes was our fearless leader, I was grabbing onto her really hard. It was dark. A ninja popped out at the end. The kept popping up places and making big flames and aiming swords. It was really fun though.

25 hudson st. go.

They lit my clams on fire to open them. on of our desserts was smoking from ice, the other was smoking from fire.

We even had a magician visit us there.

good times.

oh yeah. and lycia found the carrot in her miso soup and won a prize.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

get smart. learn your states.

I go there sometimes to try to learn my states and test myself since I never really memorized my states, (except for that one day in 3rd grade so I could get one gold star closer to new archie comic books and family matters trading cards).

This, sadly, was my best score so far. I'll get it perfect soon. And I'll learn my left and right without having to hold up my hands and make an L with my left hand.

I have been reading, thats one step towards intelligence.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


when i was in 8th grade we had to write a paper on someone we considered a "hero". I wrote about travis barker.


im reading stupid and contagious.

im almost done.

i think i hated reading so much because it always used to be academic. now that schools over, i can read and not feel forced and dread it. granted im reading silly books sometimes, like this one. but i also read "good" books by authors I should be reading.

but i like my silly book. its good. sometimes i feel like im heather. her train of thought.


i went to this WeSC/Bloomingdales launch party yesterday, I got some sweet headphones. The chord is fabric, not rubber. I wrote about it for label networks.

ok bye.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


sometimes i get sad

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


today we went to the brooklyn botanic gardens. it was pretty, and fragrant.

I bought a purple waffle plant and now its in my room. It has purple velvet growing on it.

Then we walked through Prospect Park and took this picture at the boat house.

The water is all covered in algae or whatever that green stuff is.

We walked to Park Slope and bought some nice veggies and flowers. I made veggie pizza and banana bread. Now we are eating banana bread and beginning season 3 of the office.


i want these please

I want this coat from Topshop:

And I want these earrings:

today lycia and i got lost in prospect park for a long time. we tried to go across the park. we went in 2 circles and ended up back at our apartment. so we took the subway across the park about an hour later.

i got mamouns tonight. mmm.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


so we have this flea somewhere in the apartment and its been biting. Don't know how it got here, we don't have pets. but whatever. I bought these 3 fogger things that kills insects, so we activated them. Lycia got the kitchen, jes got the living room, and i did my room. I told them to make sure it was pointed away from them, thinking the little spout guy was on the side like a hairspray bottle or something. WRONG. it's on top. so I fogged myself in the face/mouth.

I'm dumb.

Don't worry. I'm ok.

We then went to the pickle festival, then i got my little candy coated fennel seeds at the indian market, then i got my mud coffee, then we went to the manhattan mall, then came back home and had dinner, and now we're continuing our office marathon. 2 more episodes of season 2.

season 4 came out. i need to get that.



coney isalnd

today we went to coney island. that was fun. we went on the wonder wheel. that was frightening at times. we took pictures in a photobooth. we saw them filming the new season of the real world. we had ice cream on the board walk and walked along the beach.

on the subway tonight i sat in front of this ad. lycia pointed it out. it was funny. we documented the moment. now i will share it with you.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Craft Services

Today I went on a little shoot for this video that will be on a website marketing this text book/book these 2 authors wrote. I was in charge of setting up and getting breakfast and lunch. They gave me $150 to buy all the food and drinks with, and it was fun. I enjoyed it.

I took the extra's home, so my roommates enjoyed it too. I had too much to carry so I couldn't go to the MOMA which is a bummer, but its ok. I've been plenty of times.

Tomorrow is the pickle festival.

Theres a mosquito somewhere here and it keeps eating me (and lycia). I hope I don't get West Nile. The news was just telling me about all these people that are dying from it. I hope I don't die. If i don't update this anymore, the mosquito won.

Also, my poll closes soon, so get your votes in.

It was so rainy today, my pants and my new shoes got all wet. I shoud not have worn those shoes, such a bad call.


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go for lisa.

I PA-ed on this shoot today, and it was for this scene where these kidnappers pick this girl up and shoot her and throw her into the car. We made sure the streets were clear and the people around us knew what was going on so they wouldn't be alarmed. I was in the van with the kidnappers , so i just had to tell them when they can go, and we whipped around the corner and kidnapped Charlie.

Well, when it was time to do it live, there was a guy walking down the sidewalk when we pulled around the corner and they started kidnapping Charlie and she was screaming and they threw her into a van and sped off. He started running after us, telling us he wrote down our plates and all that.

I felt bad for him, he honestly thought she was getting kidnapped. Poor guy. nice guy.

my phone keeps dying and tmo apparently doesnt even sell curve batteries. so i need to call customer care and they're going to send me a whole new phone.

Tomorrow I'm doing craft services for another shoot in Union Square.

This weekend is the Pickle Festival.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

ninja restaurant

whoa....let's go.

earth room

Yesterday we went to see the Earth Room.

It's a 280,000 lb sculpture that has been in it's NYC location at 141 Wooster Street since 1980.

Basically, it's a room of dirt and you're not allowed to take pictures.

I like art and all, but I think I'd consider the Betsey Johnson across the street more artful than that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday Jes, Ziggy, Lycia and I went to a cemetary, then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and had pizza at Grimaldi's.

We found this mirror window in Brooklyn. Roommate photo-op.

This is my favorite city ever. And this is what it looks like from Brooklyn.

And I love this bridge. I think its beautiful.

And this morning Hana cut my hair for me.

Then I baked Mississippi Mud cookies. I'm going to give some to Danny tonight at the PersonL show because he rules and got me in.

I can't stop listening to Lovebug by Jonas Brothers. Seriously love that song.

holy cow

this kid is 3 years old and is an amazing artist.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I love this song, lovebug by jonas brothers. I like this chicks version better. The middle jonas has the best voice, the little guy's voice is ok, but if the middle jbro sang the whole song and it didnt turn into a rock song halfway through I'd like it a lot better.


I like this south african tree a lot.

I think I just got a heart attack

ughhh. krispy kream donuts used as buns for a bacon cheeseburger. They were served at google for one of the chef's birthdays.

that's not ok.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

my room

here is what my room looks like so far. kind of.

My window and my favorite elliot erwitt photograph
Corner of my room with my closet and mirror, and the side of my dresser. my door is open. The ceilings are high, that black line is this border thing that goes around the room, its not the ceiling. fyi.

My bedddddd. and penny. and my puzzles, and my leg. and my little side table.

We picked jes's stuff up from storage this morning and the uhaul. good times. i have cuts and bruises and i hardly did anything. i need to toughen up.



lycia drove the uhaul with the couch and a bunch of my stuff. the uhaul was intense, i wouldn't have been able to do it.

there were movers who had just finished moving somebody into the apartment building, so i told them i'd pay them if they brought our couch and this closet thing I bought up to our apartment. they did, and it ruled. they were so fast, and one guy carried box the closet was in all by himself on one shoulder! It took 3 of us to get it in the car. and they fit the couch in the door so quickly and easily. they knew what they were doing for sure.

I should post pics of my new place.

i had to stop putting my closet together because it got late and i didnt want to hammer and annoy the people downstairs.

tomorrow we get jes's stuff.

hurricane/tropical storm warnings. cool.


we have a couch, yay!

sunday is the drum circle.



Thursday, September 4, 2008


today was exhausting! so much running around. finally got a dresser. tomorrow is the big couch adventure. eek.

i also have to get some other stuff.

i found a dollar on the ground today. I was stoked because I was going to get a cup of coffee with it. then I opened it up and got so excited that there were 2 dollars. turns out there was a $100 bill wrapped in that $1, so i found $101 on the ground. There wasn't anybody around who could have dropped it, so we're using it to pay for the uhaul tomorrow.

I might have a mini tour gig in mid october. If i do that im going to go to florida for a week after.

im eating rocky road ice cream. delicious.



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

getting stuff done

I've been so busy. I finished painting my walls, I just have to go over some trim but I need to get black paint.

there was a bug on my wall, Ziggy took care of it for me. We've been working that poor boy to the bones.

Picking up the sofa Friday. That's going to be...interesting. It's so so so heavy, and we have to get it up 4 flights of stairs. hmmmmmmmmmmm. yeah.

I still need a dresser.

We picked up Jes today. yay!

We've been going craigslist crazy. Got a great find today, these 2 end tables. 10 bucks each, so sturdy, and a lot bigger than we thought. so stoked on them.

The living room is so funny because we have these 2 blue mini lawn chairs that come about an inch off the ground, one folding chair, and this old black wooden chair. Lycia found ONE channel that works with the antenna we have, so we duct taped the antenna to wear we got decent reception because anytime it moved 1/2 a centimeter, the tv went away.

and the internet only seems to work in lycia and jes's room, and the kitchen since I'm here now.

I like it here.



Monday, September 1, 2008

im here!!!!

Im in brooklyn, I still have to paint my room, I cut my finger on the ac, parking took 2 hours. literally. because of this west indian parade thing. but the apartment is so cute and huge and im really excited about my full size bed and my own room. 

lycia, ziggy and i went to target to get some stuff. Its pretty bare right now, we're getting the couch in a couple days. we're sitting on my sleeping bag and using my nightstands as our couch and table. 

so yeah, its cute. and im excited to live with cool people. and we get free internet. heck yea. 

tomorrow matts coming over, that'll be fun.