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Thursday, June 4, 2009

all the small things

i think i've posted these before. but im going to post 'em again. because i can. and i love them. and this is my piece of the internet and i can do whatever i want on it.

i started watching the show "All The Small Things" which airs on BBC. just eps 1 & 2. i cant find 3 anywhere :( its a show about this mentally challenged kid who is obsessed with tom delonge and blink 182, and singing and performing is where he feels comfortable, so his momma encourages him to do it and starts a choir for him and all the other people who love to sing but don't quite fit in with the other church choir.

heres the kid who's obsessed with tom:

here are some clips of the songs they sing:

All The Small Things:

Whats My Age Again:

Swing Swing:

Aliens Exist:

Hope you all enjoyed that.

tomorrow i get to see West Side Story on bway. woo!

I watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight with Allison. that show is sick. those people can move! i love it.

also, insomnia is baacck!

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