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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i kissed a girl...


in other news -
i worked this red carpet event thing tonight, got paid, and got to drink some champagne and eat truffles. mmmm. Paige from extreme makeover home edition was the highlight of that.

and i saw jon cheese on the street today. that was fun.

i need to put my shelves up, there is too much stuff on my floor.

i bought 3 books the other day. i need a bookshelf.

somebody threw up on the subway today, in the car i was in. they stopped the train for a few minutes to clean it up. we all had to leave that car. a couple unsuspecting travelers stepped in it when we got to new stops before it was cleaned up.
dont drink that much if you can't handle it. not cool.

i got a fantastic IM today from somebody, so that was exciting. something good might happen soon. we'll see. more on that later. or never. depends.

im really bummed on something. cant stop thinking about it. but i need to.

i really like jbros.

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