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Friday, September 12, 2008

Craft Services

Today I went on a little shoot for this video that will be on a website marketing this text book/book these 2 authors wrote. I was in charge of setting up and getting breakfast and lunch. They gave me $150 to buy all the food and drinks with, and it was fun. I enjoyed it.

I took the extra's home, so my roommates enjoyed it too. I had too much to carry so I couldn't go to the MOMA which is a bummer, but its ok. I've been plenty of times.

Tomorrow is the pickle festival.

Theres a mosquito somewhere here and it keeps eating me (and lycia). I hope I don't get West Nile. The news was just telling me about all these people that are dying from it. I hope I don't die. If i don't update this anymore, the mosquito won.

Also, my poll closes soon, so get your votes in.

It was so rainy today, my pants and my new shoes got all wet. I shoud not have worn those shoes, such a bad call.


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