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Friday, September 12, 2008

go for lisa.

I PA-ed on this shoot today, and it was for this scene where these kidnappers pick this girl up and shoot her and throw her into the car. We made sure the streets were clear and the people around us knew what was going on so they wouldn't be alarmed. I was in the van with the kidnappers , so i just had to tell them when they can go, and we whipped around the corner and kidnapped Charlie.

Well, when it was time to do it live, there was a guy walking down the sidewalk when we pulled around the corner and they started kidnapping Charlie and she was screaming and they threw her into a van and sped off. He started running after us, telling us he wrote down our plates and all that.

I felt bad for him, he honestly thought she was getting kidnapped. Poor guy. nice guy.

my phone keeps dying and tmo apparently doesnt even sell curve batteries. so i need to call customer care and they're going to send me a whole new phone.

Tomorrow I'm doing craft services for another shoot in Union Square.

This weekend is the Pickle Festival.


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