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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

getting stuff done

I've been so busy. I finished painting my walls, I just have to go over some trim but I need to get black paint.

there was a bug on my wall, Ziggy took care of it for me. We've been working that poor boy to the bones.

Picking up the sofa Friday. That's going to be...interesting. It's so so so heavy, and we have to get it up 4 flights of stairs. hmmmmmmmmmmm. yeah.

I still need a dresser.

We picked up Jes today. yay!

We've been going craigslist crazy. Got a great find today, these 2 end tables. 10 bucks each, so sturdy, and a lot bigger than we thought. so stoked on them.

The living room is so funny because we have these 2 blue mini lawn chairs that come about an inch off the ground, one folding chair, and this old black wooden chair. Lycia found ONE channel that works with the antenna we have, so we duct taped the antenna to wear we got decent reception because anytime it moved 1/2 a centimeter, the tv went away.

and the internet only seems to work in lycia and jes's room, and the kitchen since I'm here now.

I like it here.



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