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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

run mice

Julia has been super cleaning the apartment and found an interesting calendar with inappropriate messages written on it from the tenant who lived here before us. About a year ago we found pictures in our drawer in the kitchen of said tenant and moby.

I had dinner with my old roommates tonight. at westville east. so delicious.

sometimes i fill out surveys.

im stopping my internship May 1st.

I've been working on warped tour stuff a lot lately. i feel like its creeping up, but its still far away. not sure how i'm feeling about it this year.

i have a lot of work to do and should probably do it.

i'm excited for lauren davis's class tomorrow. she rules. and looks exactly like clive davis.

i hope i get to meet bill at bamboozle. it would make my day...week...month...

i have a song from urinetown stuck in my head. "run freedom run..."

i talk about myself a lot huh? almost all my sentences start with "i".

i need to get over myself.

Looking through pics tonight and this picture rules. punisherrrr.

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