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Sunday, April 13, 2008

give a little

this morning I volunteered at the soup kitchen in my neighborhood. it was really great, the people we served were so so thankful, and so happy that we were helping them, and so appreciative.

I love volunteering for things like that because you can see the effect you have on someone right that second, and it feels awesome.

And it puts your life in perspective. And everybody needs that once in a while. Appreciate what you have. don't dwell on whats not going your way. you have a family. you have friends. you have food when you want it. you have a roof over your head. you have a good education, you work, and you have plenty of opportunities waiting for you.

...suddenly those papers and final projects dont seem so bad. if that's one of the worst things in my life right now, i have a pretty great life.

go do something for someone else. someone who needs your help and appreciates your time.

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