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Saturday, April 26, 2008


So that's an article on starbucks. 3 halloweens ago I dressed up as a starbucks cup. somehow brooklyn vegan found that picture and used it in their article about starbucks music.

how did they get my picture? why did they get my picture? that's a little embarassing.

last night was fun. it was laras birthday and we went out to dinner, then some salsa bar. then jenn and i went to doc holidays. freakin creepiest guy ever is telling me he wants to give me massages and take me home and is actually seriously wiggling his eyebrows at me. then his friend came over to ask me if im married and to tell me im short. i almost threw up in both their faces. i put my hand up to make them stop talking to me because they made me so uncomfortable. this is while jenn was at the bar getting a drink so i was alone. grosssssssss.

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