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Monday, April 7, 2008


I got my eyebrows threaded today. I freakin love Minal. She’s great.

My bangs aren’t cooperating with me. I’m trying to switch sides. I’m hopefully going to get my haircut on Wednesday so Connie can fix that for me.

If not Wednesday, she works saturday. but i’m so busy sat. I’m volunteering at a soup kitchen from 12-4, then babysit from 6-12, then raging for ko’s birthday. Maybe I can squeeze connie in around 4.

haircuts cost too much.

had dinner with marisa tonight. that was nice.

tomorrow night: dinner with 3rd north girls (yay!)

Wednesday night: Trivia night at Crocodile Lounge (join the fun!)

Thursday: The Office!!! And going out for ko

Friday: AP Tour

Sat: soup kitchen, babysitting, raging

Sunday: Pediatric Cancer Foundation Walkathon

….busy week.

I should do my hw. so much coming up.

I made cupcakes today and they didnt rise. i don’t like our oven.

I should do something productive.


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