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Friday, July 31, 2009

Weirdest day of my life. read the last part if anything.

today started off sloppy because I was so tired after the rx bandits show last night. I get to work and prepare everything for our video screening meeting, except there is no picture on the tv. things were unplugged, wires were out...whoever used it last sucks. nobody could get it to work, so we had to watch them in my bosses office.


(this image is extremely exaggerated)

this was after many confusing emails in my inbox.

then these new segments i have to program were the most confusing things to figure out, so those made my head spin.

imgres.jpgthen i packed up the dresses i bought online to return them, and brought them down to the mailroom so UPS could pick it up. an hour later i realize i packed a top in there that I was supposed to exchange at jcpenney, with the receipt too! sooooo that company is getting their 2 dresses back, plus my top :(

i left work early to go to a tailor to get this dress i bought at a sample sale taken in. Sarah's friend recommended this chinese woman, Linda, so i went to her. the directions were to walk down the street until i saw a green railing, walk in past all the pashmina scarves, stay to the left, and Linda will be all the way in the back.

I found her because she had a tape measure around her neck. she hardly spoke english. we'll see how that dress comes out.

then i met up with marisa at bloomingdales, and on the way i stepped in a puddle deeper than my rainboot, soooooo that sucked.

imgres.jpgwe went to eat at 'witch craft which is in her gym, and Claire Danes walked in. We confused her with Gweneth Paltrow.


then we went to what we though was going to be an awesome dance performance at PS122 called "Why Won't You Let Me Be Great" where choreographers interpret songs off Kanye's 808s album and dance to them. Marisa thought it was going to be kids dancing. WRONG! so so so so WRONG. it was the most disturbing thing I've ever experienced. Here's the worst of what we saw in a nutshell:

a woman undressing herself , peeing in a plastic cup, rubbing granola all over her naked privates, then pouring the pee over her head.


here's the article MTV wrote about what I saw, except Kanye himself was there watching it all the night before I went.

omg. today started weird, and ended at the most extreme form of weirdness/disturbance i've ever experienced.

now im watching the spanish ugly betty. i don't even speak spanish. i don't know what to do with myself.

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