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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

time warp wives

time warp wives

These women actually pretend they live in the decade of their choice. they interact as little as possible with the modern day world and people.

odd. but kind of cool. but also not. how can you isolate yourself so much and not have kids because the modern day world is so horrible and they might be offered drugs? wake up call. the 1950's was cute on tv, but not so free of violence in real life. you have to know that.

...totally unrelated, last night KATIE came into the city and we hung out! and Sean too. we're going to be dance class buddies.


We went to union square and a guy, probably on drugs, dressed up in a superman costume climbed the horse statue in the square and actually got on the horse and started yelling stupid obnoxious things. He kept pretending like he was going to jump because people were chanting for him to jump. he didnt jump. he was crazy. I can't believe he didnt get arrested.

i love ny.

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