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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

green day are incredible

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I went to see Green Day tonight at Madison Square Garden, was surprised with tickets at work today. Soooo stoked about it!

The show was amazing. they played for almost 3 hours. I didnt get out of there until midnight, and they started playing at about 9:10. thats INSANE! and it was super high energy the whole time.

Billie Joe is a perfect front man. even though it was a big arena, he made it feel so personal. They picked people from the crowd to come up on stage to start a band at one point. The little kid that was playing bass was a rockstar! He was running around the stage, playing perfectly, jumping, and at the end he grabbed the mic and shouted "THANK YOU MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!" , so mike dirnt gave him his bass guitar!!!

And the girl Billie Joe chose to come up and play guitar grabbed his face when she got on stage and pretty much made out with him for about 7 seconds. she has balls!

it was a perfect show. I love green day. i would like to meet them and thank them.

thank you billie, mike and tre.

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