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Friday, July 10, 2009

Dance, Wash, Drink Seltzer, Eat Donuts, Sleep on MSG.

lets do the fork in the garbage disposal! Ting ting ting tititititing ting!

I went into LUSH today and bought a hair conditioning mask with henna in it, shower bomb that you put in your shower and it makes it smell delicious. Then i bought sea salt face scrub (sooo amazing), and i got a free sugar scrub dude and some free samples of face lotion and hair gel. and i made best friends with the girl that worked there, Selena. she was awesome! We talked for like 10 minutes after she rang me up. we even talked about Mandy Moore.

My skin is so soft and hair smells and feels so good. go to LUSH. they'll tell you what you need.

I swallowed my mouthwash tonight. i hope i dont die.

also, fun experiment:
when you open a bottle of seltzer, put your mouth on it like your drinking, but dont drink. just seal the top with your lips. it'll fill your mouth up with carbonation and its like your mouth is going to blow up! Then sometimes it comes out your nose and it hurts.

another thing. 16 of these will become these in NYC this week. I don't think I like that. Tim Hortons are for when I go on tour, not for where I live.

and last but not least, this:

David Arquette is going to sleep in a box (above MSG) to raise money for hungry

This is going to happen on Tues and Wed I believe. I can look out my windows at work and take pics and tweet them to you all!

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