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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

michael jackson memorial tribute

I watched the memorial at work today and I felt like i was the only one who was really watching it and wanting to see it. Everyone else had it on, but weren't really paying attention. Amused by things people said that were heartfelt, not funny. I teared up in the beginning and fought tears the entire way through the memorial. Brooke Shields speech was great. Jermaine singing "Smile" was so touching. But I lost it when Paris took the mic at the end to tell the world she had the greatest father in the world and loved him so much. Since I was in my cubicle I had to bite on my hoodie to keep from bawling. I teared up, blew my nose, and took a lot of deep breathes to compose myself.

This one man had so much power and influence. He united so many people in so many ways. It's so much more than music. He's incredible and it took me, and probably hundreds of thousands of other people, up until the past week and especially today to realize just how important he was. And beyond his limitless pseudo celebrity status, we learned just how limited his personal life was. How closed off from the "real world" he was.

I would hang out with kids too if I were him. Kids don't care how famous you are, they don't think of you differently because you are the greatest entertainer in the world. They hang out with you because you're fun and they enjoy your company. no ulterior motives. they're not going to blog about how cool they are and they're not going to call tmz to dish all the inside scoop of your hang out session. They're going to laugh and talk and treat you like a person. They're not going to put you on a pedestal and shake in your presence.

kids rule.

and he never got to be one.

I can't imagine loosing a family member. My heart would shatter into five million pieces and i'd feel incredibly empty. i don't say it enough...or ever...but i love my family. a lot.

Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

and thank you.

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