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Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm trying to buy live nation stock, but I'm a day too late on all my bids. I keep trying to buy too low for that day, whereas if I entered in the price the previous day I would have been able to buy the stock.

dang it!

It went up like 30 cents in 2 days. I need to purchase it by end of day Monday. So hopefully it'll dip down enough during the day for me to grab some up at the price I want.

I got that little number in the mail yesterday. It's in my room until I give Laura back her TV which is in the living room.

I've never had a tv in my room before. I don't have a cable outlet in there, so I can only watch movies.

Last night i put in High School Musical 2 and watched it from bed.


happy hour in a few with ko and allison and jes. YEAAAAA!

also, im just putting this thought out there:

you only live once. go for it.

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