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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

slip and trip and lights and vegas

I was running down the stairs to get in my subway train since it was there with open doors. its humid and a damp out. There was an old lady turning the corner to come up the stairs but i didnt see her until i went down all the stairs, so when i tried to stop my momentum was too high and i slipped on the slippery platform and took the poor old woman down with me.

She was so startled! I asked her if she was ok, she just glared at me. The conductor was holding the doors open for me, so i got up and ran into the subway, opened my bag, took out The Great Gatsby and read until I got to work.

So funny.

Last night Marisa and I researched flights and hotels for our Vegas weekend in April.

then we went down to Mercury Lounge to see Lights:

but it was sold out and we had to go home.


I have to be part of a K-Swiss focus group after work today. woo!

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