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Friday, February 6, 2009

Blink 182

I had that poster on my wall in middle school. That and maybe 2 other Blink 182 posters. My dad kept telling me to take them down. He didnt like that they were in their underwear, and that they had tattoos. All the bands I listened to were "drug addicts and alcoholics".

I never took them down.

I got home from school one day and they were all ripped off my walls.

A few years later, on my first day of my first Warped Tour in LA, I was on stage with my winners watching Motion City Soundtrack. Halfway through the set Mark Hoppus comes on stage and stands next to me. Minor heart attack ensues.

Then this past summer on Warped Tour Angels & Airwaves played and I got to meet Tom Delonge. One night I even had a conversation with him, but had to cut it short because my insides were going nuts. I went back to my bus and screamed.

And now there are things being said about Blink 182 reuniting.
They are presenting together at the Grammy's this Sunday.
Rumors about then recording a new album.

Honestly, I don't need a new album from them. I just want to see them together, performing, on stage, for me.

I didn't even fan out over Mandy Moore when I met her. They're the only people I fan out over. It's strange. They make me feel like I'm 12.

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