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Sunday, February 1, 2009

oh what a night

went to brunch with ko at Lil' Frankies.

Then hung out, then went to kates joint for dinner and drinks.

Then went to Milk & Honey with Laura and Matt and Lycia.

Had my Brandy Alexander - too strong for me. the 2nd drink was so good. Lycia's cucumber one was my fav.

That bar rules. you just tell then what you like and they make you a perfect drink. I said I like sweet, but not to strong, and citrus and mint. It was amazing.

Then Laura was supposed to go to this SNL after party, so we all went and got in. The list guys weren't so thorough. I was hoping to bump into Jason Mraz for Ko, but I didn't see him even though I walked past his table. I didn't want to make it look like I was searching for him, so I missed him :( Laura saw him though. Hopefully she made out with him for Ko.

Tonight was good :)

NYC rules

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