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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

birthdays and boobies

it was my birthday today. i do not like my birthday. i do not like too much attention from too many people. but i was surrounded by lovely ladies who i love. and we went to fontanas tonight for the first showing of erin caruso's photographs hosted by keep a breast. "Shot In The Pit" rules. so you should go when it hits a city near you.

sucky car service on the way there. creepy people at the bar/venue. yeah.

last night was fun, we went out to jenna's bar and she gave us lots of free goodies. i took two. timed right so i was ok. then we went to a show/party. that was fun. then i slept like a baby since i had gotten a total of about 30 minutes of sleep because we flew overnight from san diego to nyc that night/morning and i had meetings and stuff all morning.

tomorrow we go see good old war. and i need to get some pants hemmed. and return the motely cru phone to its rightful owner.

i have great girlfriends. i miss the ones who arent here. i love the ones who im surrounded by.

jesica found a disposable camera on the ground on 1st ave. it had instructions. we have to take 12 pictures of different things on he list, then drop the camera off to this cafe later this month. this was one of the pictures for a situation worth capturing:

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  1. I stole your photo. Happy Birthday!

    xoxo Kimmy