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Friday, October 24, 2008

day of good deeds

today i met up with fin at mud and hung out for a while before he had to go home to russia. he painted his skateboard with the angels and airwaves logo. it was cute. he's so appreciative of that whole thing. im so happy i made him that stoked.

if you can make someone happy, do it.

then when we were sitting next to mud, i saw a couple walk by and the girl was wearing this shirt:

This was the shirt that Naomi found with the cell phone with the motley crue pictures at Fontana's a few days ago.

the couple walked by and i was so mad at myself for not stopping them to see if the knew the person who lost the phone. Then a few minutes later they walked past me again, coming the other way! So I stopped them and told them we found a cell phone with that shirt at a bar and told them about the motley crue pics and all that. They knew who's phone it was!!! the girl is on vacation now, but they took it to give back to her. I forgot her name, but it was so odd and awesome. they were stoked.

it was a funny day.

and i got to eat mamoun's. mmmm.

and i bought a new dress. and 2 pairs of tights. red and yellow. yay new clothes!

and i bought 5 movies today.

i think im going to watch charlie bartlett or young at heart soon. but i dont feel like crying, so probably charlie bartlett. or august rush.

i hate decisions.

but i love mandy moore. im listening to her now. she has a movie called dedication that i saw at blockbuster, but i didnt rent it because i usually only buy movies and i didnt see it for sale anywhere. i never heard of it, which is weird since i love mandy. but i'll watch it one day soon.

and high school musical 3 came out today. who wants to come with me?!?!?!
it looks so fun.

its freezing in my apartment.

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