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Saturday, October 11, 2008

busy as heck

holy cow you guys. i'm so busy here in california tour managing, working things out, and helping erica and shaney jo out with keep a breast. it's super fun, but my body and mind are tired. i get to sleep in tomorrow. yaaay!

tour managing is fun. can be stressful when you think you've lost the bag with hundreds of dollars in it, but its fun. people ask me what to do and take my instructions and come to me with problems which i am able to solve. its fun say something and see it get done.

i'm going to become power hungry. watch out world, i'm taking over.

its late and im so tired from all this work. fun fun fun work, but work.

yeahhh. ok. night.

i hope you are all doing fantastic, seriously. i hope everyone reading this had something really good happen to them lately, had a good talk, had a fun day, got a nice compliment...whatever. smile. you should smile more often.

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