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Thursday, December 10, 2009

john mayer storytellers taping

We get there. we check in. they tell me i might ask a question. they seat me and the other couple of question people first with our guests. I was in the 4th row, center. I was the alternate question.

They come up to me after everyone else is seated and tell me i'm going to be asking my question to John Mayer tonight and move us to the 2nd row, center.

I was shaking. so nervous. me? talking to JOHN MAYER? he's going to look at me and talk to ME?!?!

i rehearsed my question a million times with Maura, and i got it down perfectly.

The question round comes along, they go through everyone they had EXCEPT ME!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh!!!!

I was soooooo disappointed. It was such an amazing taping and an awesome event, and all i can think of is how they got me stoked out of my mind and dropped me like a hot potato. What the heck?!?!

but i was in the 2nd row, and we made so much eye contact. At one point i was singing the wrong words while he was looking at me.

i love him. so much. i need to meet him. tonight could have held one of the most amazing moments ever.

Here was my question they wanted me to ask:

You went to Berkley but left before graduation to pursue your career in music. Was it easy to leave or did you feel there was more to learn at school?

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