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Monday, December 28, 2009

friday night lights

Man, i just spent the entire weekend watching Friday Night Lights. I started season 1 maybe a week ago, and i've worked all the way through season 3. thats all i did while i was home in harrison for xmas.

season 1 was so great. season 2 was depressing, but also unfinished due to the writers strike.

season 3 picked up again, but the ending wasn't a big happy ending. I'm not really looking forward to new characters if they choose to introduce them as leads. i like the people they've introduced us to already.

thats the problem with shows set in high schools. people get older. they graduate.

i recommend this show.

i didnt get the big whoop about taylor kitsch aka tim riggins until now. total babe once you watch this show.

streeter was/is one of my favorite characters though. and matts such a sweetheart. i love him.

eek season 4. im very nervous for you. not even excited, just nervous.

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