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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Erica's flight back to San Diego is this morning. She called a car for 7:15 am. She had been packing and carrying all her things down, and I got up and stepped outside my door to offer to help....the door shut and locked us out!!!! None of my roommates are home!

I went to our roof and tried to come down the fire escape into our apartment, but there are walls up on the roof and you can't get to the front fire escape.

I'm freaking out and I feel TERRIBLE!

So we ran down to the street because her car was here and explained the situation. I asked to borrow her phone so I can call a locksmith, but then I decided I was going to try to pull the ladder for the fire escape down on the ground floor.

2 people who were observing out situation walked by (still like 7:15 AM) on their way to church and told us the landlord actually lived in the building (i thought he lived somewhere not even in our area....). They had his number and called him. He picked up! They had him open his door for me so I could climb through his window and go up the fire escape from there.

He let me into his apartment and struggled to get the window open. After moving the window locks around a little (my heart is beating at probably a million beats per second so it felt like 3 years) the window opened! I stood on a broken chair, climbed out of his window and went up the rusty fire escape to my floor. I pulled up the screen and threw up the window, jumped into my apartment and sprinted to the door and eagerly pulled it open for erica to get in.

She got the rest of her belongings, hopped in the car, and took off for the airport.

THAAANNNKKKK GOOODNEESSS the windows were open last night!

...of course i lock myself out when someone has a plane to catch to cross the country.

after the very exciting Sunday morning event and blogging about said event, it is 7:47 am. I'm going to sleep.





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  1. lol, what a idiot... at least you make up for it in other areas,... afterall, you are incredibly sexy mwahhhhhhhhhh! ;)