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Monday, May 11, 2009


Bingo was so fun this week! there weren't too many of us, but it was great. It was me, Laura, Mo, Jon Cheese, Jon's friend danielle, and for the last round of bingo forest and another dude from hellogoodbye. I won the first round and this was my prize (edited for those under 18...):

Then Jon won a round, he won a swine flu mask, and mo won, but he tied with like 3 other people! He reaaalllyy wanted the skull book too! But they gave it to a girl who won. booo. But 3 wins at our table is a pretty big deal.

Then on the subway home i shared music with Laura's friend and that ruled.

All in all, a freaking awesome night to make up for my ridiculous morning.

happy mothers day! Sorry i didnt come home mom.

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