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Friday, May 22, 2009


slumdog millionaire is so good. we watched it tonight. i had a steady stream of tears. its so sad. the first time i saw it, it was a lot happier.

i canceled my flight to cali today, that sucked. but now i get to see good old war maybe, so thats good.

im super emo today for no reason.

i also thought it was friday all day. its not. its thursday. so each time i realized it was thursday, that sucked too.

things are clearing out of the apartment, that sucks. i dont want to buy random things for 3 months. eff. thats a whole nother story...

i should go to bed.

today was gorgeous. matt made me dinner and we watched glee and i ate his left over brownies :)

i need to do laundry.

life is really sad sometimes. i hate it when i don't appreciate things enough. i complain WAY too much, and i know that, but i never stop. i always go back to the things that make me mad or sad or whatever. life is so weird. i always think that. it's going to end for everyone, why it cant it be more equal for everyone? why do some people have to live on the streets and get ignored when they're asking for help while others live in mansions with a whole staff waiting on their every call? the idea of communism, while it has its flaws, isn't so bad in it? tweak it up a little bit and just make life fair and equal, but happy and motivated. maybe. i dont know. i dont like how some people have it so hard and i complain because my subway is late to take me shopping or something stupid like that. and i complain because i have to work 5 days a week for 8 hours a day and all i want to do is take days off. i need a reality check.

and i hate that people take jobs they dont love. i understand the importance of money, but if you work 80 hr weeks and have no time for anything but work that stresses you out, what's the point?

its all temporary. its all gone once you die. which could be in 5 minutes or in 78 years. either way, it all comes to an end.

...then what?

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