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Monday, May 18, 2009

outplay 2009

today jon cheese, laura and i did this thing in central park called outplay.

and basically you show up and there are taped off areas, those are your fields. they put you into teams, give you a couple restrictions and some props, then you make up a game.

there are a few teams, and you have like 2 or 3 hours to actually make the game up and explain it to the ref of your field, then you go around and play everyones games.

ours was the best. it was very involved. this is what it was:

it was called "kelly clarkson tossing blindly"

we had 4 "zipcodes" which were just corners
and we had a hula hoop, frisbee, and silk things we made into blindfolds.
To get from zipcode 1 to 2, one member of the team had to stand in the 2nd zc and one at a time, each person on your team had to get the hula hoop around the person (they couldnt move their feet), then throw the frisbee through the hula hoop.
once everyone on the team did that, they get a point. its a race between 2 teams

to get from 2 to 3, one person takes the hula hoop and jump rope to the other side with it, stand in it, and throws the frisbee to everyone at the other side
if they catch it, they can take 3 steps toward you and throw it back, but cant move from their spot. the whole team needs to get over to you.

once everyone is over, you play the 3rd round, where you blindfold someone, throw the hula hoop and frisbee onto the field and give them instructions on how to get them. they need to get to the other side, so you keep throwing the stuff and blindfolding someone else on your team until they cross the line.

then the last part is marco polo, but you have to pick a number out of a bag and thats how many steps you can take whenever you get tagged by your team mate.

one team yells kelly - clarkson, the other marco-polo.

so if i picked 5, i can only take 5 steps everytime my blindfolded teammate gets me
and when everyone crosses the line its over and you win!

it was so fun. my camera died, so no pics.

then we went to play bingo. jes and jenna won. wooo!

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