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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Skate park

I just went to the skate park with mike. I've had my skateboard for a few years now and I've only ridden it a couple times, and I'm pretty dang terrible. So I told mike he needs to show me how its done. and he did. he even offered to hold my hands the first few times down the ramp. I took his offer.

I only wiped out once! i conquered the bunny slope (or whatever you call the baby ramp) and the medium ramp, and the one after that, but then I tried the bigger one and had to jump off my board bc I was going too fast. Meanwhile mike is going down everything and trying to grind and teach me tricks.

mike is my 7 year old cousin.

It was so sweaty out, we couldn't stay long. We were both dripping, it was gross. But I want to go back soon.

now i'm off to doms for a bbq.

my bbq/going away party is MONDAY at 2 at my house in Harrison, so come come come! Everyone is invited. I can't promise much bbq though, because I don't know how to turn on my grill....

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