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Thursday, June 12, 2008

getting ready for tour

I just went to target to buy my tour toiletries - lotions, vitamins, wet wipes, face cloths, ladies products, deodorant, etc - and it cost me $80 bucks. that sucks.

I cut my leg when I took my bags. One of the corners on a box hit my leg. I got to the car and I was bleeding. ONLY ME. only me. pathetic.

I also uploaded my laminate photo. Lots of security guards will be checking this baby out. (not like checking ME out, but my lammy...just wanted to clear that up. I know I'm conceited as all hell but I have to draw the line somewhere. this blog is where I draw the line.) Here it is:

I sewed up a bunch of dresses that needed to be altered since I have no boobs.

I'm wearing a turquoise dress with purple leggings and red shoes. I feel like a flower. a tropical one:

I'm going to the city tonight to see this band called Airborne Toxic Event tonight at Pianos (8 pm if you want to come). should be fun. I've never been to pianos.

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