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Thursday, August 21, 2008

too close for comfort

i went to the city today to hang with matt. he rules. then we picked ko up after work. then we got mud. then we met up with laura for indian food. then i went back to grand central and took the train home.

on the train, a rather large and perhaps drunk man took a seat next to me. he had candy. he opened his kit-kats first and offered me one. i said no thank you. then he pulls out a green popsicle and eats that. he didn't smell very good. luckily, i was reading the L magazine and listening to 3oh!3, so it was easy to ignore him and not come off as rude. throughout the ride he kept taking up more space. It got to the point where i had my arms as close to my body as i was able to hold them, pressed up against the wall of the train, and his heavy arm was still slightly resting on me. It made me VERY uncomfortable. He got off before i did, so i had a 3 train stops to recover. then i walked home because paolo wasn't around to pick me up. it was dark out. but i love walking. the stars are wonderful.

I got a cool watch today.

it's 2:10 am. Paolo is still up watching television. We watched a little of the speed-walking, which is quite an awkward event. a little volleyball. then i made him put it on jon and kate plus 8. i think aidan is my favorite kid. i love them . we also watched some of who's line is it anyway. paolo is a bit of a channel surfer.

i'm taking him shopping tomorrow for dorm stuff. he hasnt even begun packing or contacting his roommates yet. i feel kind of bad that my parents arent here to help him a little. he doesnt really need help, he's always been independent. but i just feel a little bad. and i do not want to drive to union square to move him in. that's going to be a nightmare. I'll see if my uncle can drive instead. my parents should be moving him in, not me.

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