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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so i walk into my garage...

I walked into my garage today, and i see this in there:

I played with those buttons. They turn on the windshield wipers and the lights. I probably should't play with this car.

ummm, ok? parloo said vinny just gave it to us. Grace Kelly and some Princess supposedly rode in this car. There was a news article with pictures and everything. Vinny is the guy who is passing the bakery onto me.

The car is cute. but random. i want to drive it. but i dont think i should. the trunk is in the front and the engine is in the back. the seats are wicker.

I also walked into the tv room this evening and found some new paintings hanging on the walls. I love that my parents are so into art and have been buying a lot of new stuff lately. My house has always been full of paintings, but they are usually landscape type paintings of italy or of women or something, done very classically. The new stuff they've been buying has been more modern, and i love it so much. Sometimes I just walk around my house like its a museum. It kind of is.

I said hi to gma today. Her string beans were so good.

Going to nyc tomorrow. going to hang with laura, matt and ko, and get me some mud coffee. stoked.

4:33 am. go to bed.


oh, i also went grocery shopping today. why cant i have catering always? i dont want to take care of myself.

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