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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


thanks to dougie for voting in my poll. i suggest you all follow suit and vote before the poll closes. 

Warped Tour is over. It started out kind of terrible, but ended kind of ok. I made some fantastic new friends. 

The guy on the plane who sat next to me spoke a lot. but he works in music and said he might be able to get me a temp job in nyc while i'm looking for other stuff. sweet. 

i ate candy on the flight home. 

last night after the tour, erin, erica, jes and i piled into jeneathas car with all of our luggage. jeneatha drove. it was like playing tetris trying to fit everything and everyone in. it was funny. 

we woke up and went for breakfast. my shuttle driver kept calling me and harassing me because he showed up 20 minutes early. i made him wait. i felt kind of bad, but it's his fault he was early. and we all made our flights, even though I kind of wish i missed mine and had to stay in LA for a day or two longer. 

i dont want to unpack or shower or do laundry. i have to at least shower tonight. 

there is no food in my house. im excited to go to my gmas and eat her veggies from her garden. 

and i want to go to nyc to see matts apt and hang out. 

ok. bye. 

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