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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sad sad sad sad sad

Im sitting here in the living room on our stupid stupid couch, in my pretty graduation dress, so sad!

julia left today. i wont see her for probably over 3 years. that sucks, i really love her.

her room is empty, ko is sleeping, im leaving the city in 2 weeks, everyones busy doing really sad. I hate it when it's just me with nobody around, I get really sad very easily. and nervous. and anxious. for life. for the future. for everything. I have to start packing up and taking things down. i love this apartment. i love this block. i love this city. i loved living with julia and ko. i can't believe its over. just like that. things always end so quickly. i need to keep busy so i don't get depressed. when i go home before tour starts im going to start making clothes again. i have his fabric from the 70's i bought a few years ago, I need to make a dress out of it.

i got my package with a whole bunch of swag today, that was awesome. i have to go graduate in a couple hours, but im just so sad!!! I don't want to go. We just had lunch with lara, who's going to armenia then london for 2 years. everyone is leaving. Im leaving. blahhhh. i hate not knowing what my next move is. hate it.



oh, heres my follow up to my zucchini video. i recorded it a while ago but i put music and stuff on it now. it's pretty good.


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