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Friday, May 16, 2008

i like furniture and other objects

So this chair is cool. except its 800 bucks. it can fit 1-16 people on it. up to 4500 pounds. depends on how much you open it. cool, huh?

What wouldn't be cool is trying to unlock this door when you're a bit tipsy...or a lot tipsy.

And finally, this waffle maker makes big waffles. That look like keyboards. I bet I could eat like 4 keyboards. I love waffles. but i like pancakes more. i got tired of capitalizing. sorry if you like grammer. or punctuation? is it a combo? whatever. here's the waffle maker:

Also, Marisa's friend got a job at an architectural firm. she told me while we were in kmart. i told her im going to marry an architect and to hook me up. some random lady who was standing near us came over and was really excited and wanted to date an architect as well. she put her arm around me and it was kind of weird, but she was funny. she doesnt know i dont like it when people touch me. i let it slide.


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