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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

lies. not the last time

just got a confirmation email from VH1 for John Mayer storytellers!!!! wooooo!!!

I'm in Italy. Bologna. Went to Venice today, then to Andrea's restaurant. I filled up on bread way too early on in the meal and couldn't even take a bite of my 2nd. i need to not do that.

def gaining back all the john mayer weight i lost. I was so busy during john mayer week i didnt have time to eat a full meal at anytime, so my clothes were all loose by the end of the week. it ruled.

Italy is pretty.

tomorrow is luciniano, then back to rome to pick up parloo. then i dunno.

got some pretty sweet rainboots here, but i need help taking them off. i'm in trouble if nobody is around to pull them off my legs.

ughh so full.

I can't wait until dec 10th :)

buona notte.

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