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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last time

I went to see John Mayer again tonight! at the Ed Sullivan (David Letterman) Theatre.

David won tickets via twitter.

this was probably my favorite out of the THREE john mayer shows i went to in FOUR days! so nuts. they were all so amazing, i was so close for all of them. i can't get enough of this guy. never get enough of him.

i want a hug from him so badly.

they're streaming the show on you should watch.

the people we were with were hilarious. thats probably why it was my favorite out of the 3.
He stared at the girl next to me for a good 10 seconds, then she broke eye contact because she couldnt do it it anymore. soooo funny! she was freaking. she's like "oh my god i think i just got pregnant"

loved her.

going to italy tomorrow.

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