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Monday, March 30, 2009

new foods.

today was so exhausting. walked around a lot looking at apartments with mom. then she bought me a shack burger from the shake shack which i've been meaning to try...even though i don't like burgers really. It was good. but i don't think i'll have another one. the next time I'll eat a burger is when im in california and can get in n out. mmm.

then i went to jamba juice and ordered a Pink Star. It's off their secret menu which allison schooled me on. soooooooo good. its a pink starburst. allison like white gummy, which is a white gummy bear. they have more. google it.

then i went to bingo with some old and some new peeps. nobody won. it was still fun.

now its late and i can't believe its monday. i need mondays off.

vegas on saturday. woo!

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