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Saturday, October 17, 2009

i like new things. a lot.

today was great. had brunch at lil frankies with ko and laura. then visited veronica at her gallery, which ruled. then went shopping.

I got this really neat necklace. its long and gold and has 3 gold paper airplanes on it! i love it.

Then I got this super cute owl dress:

Then Ko and I went to make our own perfumes at this place located at 21 E. 7th street. Don't know what its called. New York Fragrance maybe? I don't know, but the girl was amazing! You told her what you like and she pulled all these scents and mixes them together to give you exactly what you want, then you name it!

I was feeling really under pressure to name it and I couldn't think of anything, so i just called it "I Smell Good" and im really upset by that now. i could have thought of something way better. Ko named hers after a song, "Blow Away" or something really cute like that.

Then I got a cork board to put my longer necklaces on. I covered it with this cool tissue paper I had and hung it on my wall:

gooooood day!

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