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Monday, September 14, 2009

Just watched the vmas, they were good this year. crazy and weird people. kanye is a douche. taylor is cute. beyonce is nice. lil mama is nuts. lady gaga doesn't come from this planet. perez hilton makes me want to punch his face in every time i see him. green day rule. gabe should have never left midtown. the all american rejects thing was weird. i didnt like pinks outfit during her odd performance.

...i had a dream about john mayer last night, that he came to the studio and i was interviewing him but i didnt know i was interviewing him until he walked through the door. then i got really excited. during the interview i said something really funny and he was laughing a lot, but i cant remember what i said.

then i woke up, and went back to sleep and had a second dream about him. this time i was the talent relations point person at a venue he was playing at, so i just hung around him the whole time. watched him rehearse. it was awesome. i love him.

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