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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What happens in vegas...

...sometimes stays in vegas, sometimes not.

our hotel, THEhotel a Mandalay Bay, was fantastic. we gambled a little, i played a terribly awkward round of roulette, we went to different clubs, saw grandpas dancing. saw fall out boy and hey monday and all time low and cobra and metro station, went to the afterparty...yikes. it was intense. there was a ky slip and slide which holly madison and a hunch of others went down. there was a crowdsurfing painting, tears, wheelchairs, ridiculousness...

...i hadnt had coffee when we flew in until we finally went to eat in our hotel. i ordered coffee and a waffle, and he brings me out my coffee and a little ceramic pourer thing of coffee on the side. Drink my coffee, go to refill it. fill up my cup, then finally realize i've been pouring syrup into my coffee, not dumb.

now its bed time.

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