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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

no thank you, britney spears.

the new britney record is terrible, in my opinion. i was never a big britney spears fan though. but circus is a no thanks. actually this song radar is okay. it'll probably be the next single after circus. its all just way too produced.

katy perry came to the studio today. there were some warped peeps working for her.

i want to do press on warped. lets see what i can work out.

In other news, FAO Schwartz will make your monster drawing into a stuffed animal for $250. its awesome, but way too much cash.

And in closing, Forgive Durden will perform the entire Razia's Shadow musical at bamboozle, guest vocalists and all. Thanks to Jaron, I'm STOKED!!!!! I love it.

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